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Emma is a six year old St Bernard, she took over our house when she was five weeks old.

At five weeks she weighed 7lbs (2.8kg) and now (after some dieting) she weighs in at 200lbs (80kg) and measures about 30in (76cm) at the shoulder. Like most St. Bernard dogs she has an excellent temperament, which is fortunate given her size!

If you have the room the St. Bernard makes an excellent pet, they are very intelligent and when full grown very placid. Emma appears to sleep 20 hours day, a wonderful stress free life, sometimes I'm not sure where the expression a "dog's life" comes from. As you may have gathered Emma would not be much use in the traditional mountain rescue role, apart from being one of the laziest dogs I have come across she is very clumsy, more likely to start an avalanche than dig someone out of one.

Her daily diet consists of: 
Breakfast :  Two slices of toast. 
Lunch :  One large dog biscuit. 
Dinner :  1lb of minced steak with biscuit and pasta. ( a more active dog would need twice this). 
Supper :  One large dog biscuit. 
Plus all the pig's snouts she can cadge.  
Points to consider before deciding to give a home to a St. Bernard. 
1. They can be very messy, Emma likes to lie down to eat and drink so food and water end up all over the place. 
2. They drool quite a lot, when they shake their head, dog spit gets everywhere. 
3. When moulting (usually twice a year) they shed a large amount of fur. 
4. Veterinary bills can be high, vets seem to charge more for larger dogs. 
But having said all that, they are in my opinion they are the best of all dogs.  
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